The 180 Club

  ~Driving Change Through Action ~


Bringing collective thought and positive minds to drive change through result yielding action in the communities we live.


Our initiatives include the promotion of Economic Empowerment, Wealth Building, Health and Wellness, and Social Equality in our local city, state, nation, and globally. Ultimately, we understand that the bottom line is the production of measurable ‚ÄúRESULTS."  

            OUR BELIEF

We believe that lives are changed through education and implementation of certain fundamental principles and technologies that have been proven effective. Therefore, we seek to promote innovative forums, conferences, and workshops facilitated by the best and the brightest to impart the knowledge and skill sets necessary to facilitate these initiates.

Donnie Hyder  with DNC Chair Debbie Shultz 3/10/15

                              Donnie Hyder  

The 180 Club @ Mayoral Address Capitol City Club

                            Alonzo & Anita Evans   

Selma Hyder Chatting with President Obama 3/10/15

                                  Selma Hyder